Our mill is among the few truly comprehensive textile mills in Korea vertically integrating the large majority of the textile production chain from yarn manufacture to fabric weaving to fabric coloration.

We WEAVE dobby and jacquard fabrics on modern rapier looms as well as vintage shuttle looms using silk of the highest available grade. Our mill in Korea is one of the few handling silk throwing, twisting, plying, warping and weaving all under one roof.  

Our DIGITAL PRINTING facility in Korea incorporates current advances in the field combining Italian engineering, Japanese inkjet technology, Swiss color management software and American dye formulation technology. Still, any digital printing facility would be incomplete without a thorough knowledge of analog coloration.  

We boast a quarter century as a leading Korean SCREEN PRINTER. Our screen printing mill continues to specialize in hand printing while also offering automated printing.

We also offer dye-to-match piece DYEING and a selection of yarn-dyed fabrications.